Counting Sheep by Collette

Babies Blanket SheepCollette has finished her blanket.

‘A Present for a Friend’

The  design of the blanket was inspired by Shaun the Sheep. It was made for friends who live in the rolling plains of New Zealand. In the background we designed simple hills and a few trees, then  snow capped  mountains.

Well Done Collette!Shaun the Sheep



Bailey - I'm Just lovable!
Bailey – I’m Just lovable!

Bailey a tricoloured border collie , and a much loved pet was the inspiration for a new blanket by Chris.

Embroidered in 2 ply and 1 ply wool with all the swirls of the fur on the dog taken into consideration in the stitching.

The face  sewn in the finer wool highlights the features and shows the character of this cutie pie.

Jasper – The Final Touch

Ready for closeups Mr De Mille
Ready for his closeups Mr De Mille

You may think Jasper looks the same since the last post about him, but look closely at his nose.

We have covered the felt padding with a shiny thread, black with grey highlights. His satin stitch nose has a healthy glow.

Now he’s finished. Well done Cherril!

Needlework Tours 2017

Embroidery Cruise Ship

A fortnight sea voyage, what a dream! A cruise  leaving Sydney Australia, meandering along the beautiful Eastern Coast of Australia and then heading on to Singapore. Six of those fourteen days are dedicated to stitching and embroidery.

And I will be aboard! I ‘ll be teaching as part of the Needlework Tours Cruise in 2017, 19th April  to 3rd May fully escorted.

Protea BasketI have prepared three projects; each one very different from each other. One was featured in Inspirations Issue 88, the other two are brand new designs.

Protea Basket 
A beautiful three dimensional embroidery sewn in fine wool, silk and rayon thread.

A Beaded Vase


Beaded Vase Ribbon Embroidery of a sweet bowl of flowers in a Beaded Vase.

The Bridge at Monets Garden


Bridge at Monet’s Garden

This famous scene is recreated using a dry needle felting technique for the  background and embellished with embroidery.

Girl singing
I’m So-o-o Excited

Rock Up Girls! Let’s have a great time.

Western Port Craft Fest 2016


Fellow Embroiderers,

On the 9th April 2016, it’s  the Western Port Craft Fest and I have been invited to be one of the speakers. My appearance will be at 1.00 pm at Hastings Uniting Church Hall. Their very attractive website details all the events, attractions and exhibitors. Enjoy Cat

The Fest is a celebration and exhibition of the best craft work in the Western Port Area and on the Mornington, Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. I am delighted to have been invited to present a talk on my passion for embroidery and share my experiences of teaching here, there and far-flung places.

For those of you who can make it, let’s meet up on the day.

Jasper’s Nearly Done

Jasper Feb 15Jasper has achieved his back coat and leg, and very fine he is looking too. The paws look very smart.

Apply the same techniques  we used  in the previous posts of Jasper’s story to embroider the remaining areas.

This is not the end for Jasper…he is looking very neat. His unique character and individual charisma remain to be portrayed; a finishing touch, an occasional flourish to be added. In other words, his fluffy bits are still to be tweaked.

Watch for Jasper’s finale, brushed up and beautiful.

A Spectacular 2016…YEAH!!!

Happy New Year

Friends and Followers. Happy New Year 2016. New adventures, new embroideries, new challenges. Go where you have not gone before where wonderful discoveries await. With the festivities coming to an end, it is time to be inspired, resolve to complete those UFOs and plan our next project. Jasper is nearing completion. Keep tuned.

Meanwhile treat yourself to  Maxine’s Woodland Creatures

Jasper’s Body

Jasper's Body

Now that the neck has been embroidered, the twists and turns of the fur are evident.

Look at the chest in Jasper’s portrait. Find the area that stands out the most. It is the lightest area on another frill.

Embroider the lightest-toned areas first, then the darkest and fill in between with the medium tones.

Always refer back to the portrait for guidance on tone and angle of fur.