Cruising… Needlework Tours Style!

Our happy band of stitchers set off from Sydney April 19th, cruising north up the east coast of Australia and from there to our final destination, Singapore. Six of those days, we devoted to the embroidery projects we had planned for this trip. There were three options: The Beaded Vase of Flowers, Monet’s Garden and The Protea Basket.
Needlework Tours Vessel
Needlework Tours Type Cruise Vessel

 Here are some achievements of three of my students in the class

Beaded Bowl of Flowers

Beaded Vase of Flowers
Beaded Vase of Flowers

Look for my next post on the Monet’s Garden and the Protea Basket Classes.

 Join us on the next Needlework Tours Cruise

 Sydney to Seattle April 2018


Launceston Workshop Embroiderers’ Guild of Tasmania Inc.

Bev, with a work in progress

The Embroiderers GuildLauncestion, Tasmania

My most recent workshop was held in Launceston for the Tasmanian Embroiderers’ Guild. The project was The Blue Wren Family. I taught the ladies the embroidery and they gave me cakes!!! And even recipes. It was a win-win for both.

There was serious work done. Stay tuned for the photos of their finished work they have promised to send me. Thank you Julie, Pam and the ladies of the Guild. It was a happy collaboration.

Jane Robbins & Jenny Prevost
Bev with Rosemary Stevenson
Eager to Learn. Happy to teach.
The Classroom

On Sabbatical in South Australia

Bev Launching An Eagle

 Hello Fellow Stitchers,

I ‘m visiting Kangaroo Island, South Australia,

The island is a dedicated wild life sanctuary and a place of natural beauty. kangaroo-island

Many stitchers know me for my bird designs. The Blue Wrens, is a great favorite  followed closely by An Early Morning Call, featuring two kookaburras sitting on a branch.

Perhaps I have foundbev-and-the-kooka in this beautiful eagle, my next inspiration.

It was a great experience to welcome an old friend in this very friendly kooka.

Happy Stitching!kangaroo

What a Pretty Possum!

Leanne's Possum
Australian Possum by Leanne

Congratulations to Leanne of my Wednesday evening class. Here is the first embroidered square for her quilt she has planned featuring Australian Wild Life.

Stitching of such high quality it takes one’s breath away. I am so happy that I can show everyone this exceptionally fine needlework.

Leanne’s next square, an Australian Wombat, is currently a work in progress and. the detail and precision of the stitching displayed of this Possum continues. Stay tuned.

Well Done Leanne!

Golden Star
Gold Star