Bailey - I'm Just lovable!
Bailey – I’m Just lovable!

Bailey a tricoloured border collie , and a much loved pet was the inspiration for a new blanket by Chris.

Embroidered in 2 ply and 1 ply wool with all the swirls of the fur on the dog taken into consideration in the stitching.

The face  sewn in the finer wool highlights the features and shows the character of this cutie pie.

Jasper – The Final Touch

Ready for closeups Mr De Mille
Ready for his closeups Mr De Mille

You may think Jasper looks the same since the last post about him, but look closely at his nose.

We have covered the felt padding with a shiny thread, black with grey highlights. His satin stitch nose has a healthy glow.

Now he’s finished. Well done Cherril!

Jasper’s Ears, Jowls & Neck

Let’s look at the jowls area and under the ears.  Jasper's Forehead Part 3

This area is very dark compared to other tones in the picture. Refer to   Jasper’s portrait.

With darkest thread tone, embroider with the angles of the stitch following the direction of the fur.Scissors rotated left

A clue here is to ask yourself which way does the fur sit naturally.

Which way would you pat the dog? This is how you stitch the fur.

If you could put your hand on this embroidery and stroke this dog, would you be able to brush the fur smoothly or rub against the angle of your stitches to rub him up the wrong way.

Note the ears

Begin with the  lightest areas. In this case the edge was done first but with two different angles, one layering over the other.

Sections of darker tones were then incorporated into their places. Blend each tone into the other.

Scissors rotated leftRemember this is a picture and we are not painting by numbers.


From pattern to reality, watch Jasper grow

Jasper - Cavalier Spaniel X

From tracing the pattern on a transparent fabric to the conclusion of the embroidered image as life-like as the photograph.

Join student Cherril  Arthur, under Bev Tully’s guidance, in the demonstration of what can be achieved  with thread painting.

It begins here and each week will feature Cherril’s cavalier-poodle cross Jasper.Jasper Pattern

Cherril traced the pattern on to a transparent material.

 She tacked this material to the back of the main fabric. When the tacking was complete, the back  looked like this image to the left.

Front view of embroidery of Jasper


On the front of the embroidery, the tacked outline of the dog looked like this. With further tacking stitches, she continued to bring the details of the image from the back to the front.

In my next post, we will learn how to  build the face.