Jasper’s Body

Jasper's Body

Now that the neck has been embroidered, the twists and turns of the fur are evident.

Look at the chest in Jasper’s portrait. Find the area that stands out the most. It is the lightest area on another frill.

Embroider the lightest-toned areas first, then the darkest and fill in between with the medium tones.

Always refer back to the portrait for guidance on tone and angle of fur.



From pattern to reality, watch Jasper grow

Jasper - Cavalier Spaniel X

From tracing the pattern on a transparent fabric to the conclusion of the embroidered image as life-like as the photograph.

Join student Cherril  Arthur, under Bev Tully’s guidance, in the demonstration of what can be achieved  with thread painting.

It begins here and each week will feature Cherril’s cavalier-poodle cross Jasper.Jasper Pattern

Cherril traced the pattern on to a transparent material.

 She tacked this material to the back of the main fabric. When the tacking was complete, the back  looked like this image to the left.

Front view of embroidery of Jasper


On the front of the embroidery, the tacked outline of the dog looked like this. With further tacking stitches, she continued to bring the details of the image from the back to the front.

In my next post, we will learn how to  build the face.


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