Jasper Gets a Chest

This week,Jasper gets his neck and chest.
Jaspers Neck Chest 1 Examine the frill around Jasper’s chest. Scissors rotated leftMake sure that your mind’s eye has a very clear understanding of the frill’s placement and tone before attempting any stitching.

Refer Jasper’s Portrait

Turn to the back of your embroidery to the pattern tacked there. In the same direction as this pattern indicates, sew some stitches  in line with the fur frill.Jaspers Neck Chest 2

Turn back to the front. A guide has appeared  to allow us to see the frill’s position.

Continue to embroider this area in the lightest tone

Jaspers Neck Chest 4In the neck area similarly, the lightest tones stand out.

Again, keeping in synch with the pattern on the back, embroider these areas first.

The  darkest tones now become obvious and can be embroidered next. In some areas the difference between dark and light is too strong and can be softened by using medium tones.

Jasper’s Ears, Jowls & Neck

Let’s look at the jowls area and under the ears.  Jasper's Forehead Part 3

This area is very dark compared to other tones in the picture. Refer to   Jasper’s portrait.

With darkest thread tone, embroider with the angles of the stitch following the direction of the fur.Scissors rotated left

A clue here is to ask yourself which way does the fur sit naturally.

Which way would you pat the dog? This is how you stitch the fur.

If you could put your hand on this embroidery and stroke this dog, would you be able to brush the fur smoothly or rub against the angle of your stitches to rub him up the wrong way.

Note the ears

Begin with the  lightest areas. In this case the edge was done first but with two different angles, one layering over the other.

Sections of darker tones were then incorporated into their places. Blend each tone into the other.

Scissors rotated leftRemember this is a picture and we are not painting by numbers.